I love this album so much, Chet’s voice is pure gold. I even went through the whole thing and logged times for specific songs, bolded ones are my faves.

0:06 - That Old Feeling
3:08 - It’s Always You
6:44 - Like Someone In Love
9:09 - My Ideal
13:31 - I’ve Never Been In Love Before
17:59 - My Buddy
21:19 - But Not For Me
24:21 - Time After Time
27:07 - I Get Along Without You Very Well
30:05 - My Funny Valentine
32:25 - There Will Never Be Another You
35:26 - The Thrill Is Gone
38:15 I Fall In Love Too Easily
41:36 Look For The Silver Lining

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The Power of Love | Huey Lewis and the News


[] Favourite 80’s Movies → The Burbs (1989)

”I can see the news report now - they were a quiet family, kept pretty much for themselves. No one ever would have suspected them of foul play.”

trailer | soundtrack

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i’m bored so i’m singing brand new shoes by she & him in my bathroom on my old computer that has a loud fan byeee

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Arctic Monkeys – Cornerstone (113,855 plays)

“I smelt your scent on a seatbelt,” he sings on Cornerstone, which may just be the best thing Arctic Monkeys have ever recorded. The lyrics are a dazzling display of what Turner can do: a fabulously witty, poignant evocation of lost love, packed with weirdly suggestive details. The music is a long, wistful acoustic sigh, the melody so effortlessly lovely that you can’t believe no one’s come up with it before.

— Alexis Petridis

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Drink too much coffee, wear lipstick that’s too dark, and never settle for a life you don’t want.

… Said The Joker’s mentor.

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The Beach Boys – Wouldn't It Be Nice (81,069 plays)

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